Our company is the exclusive representative on Mykonos on two leading brands of espresso - DE Master Blenders 1753, the Douwe Egberts and Piazza D'Oro. These products are already highly trusted by consumers and can be enjoyed at selected cafes and other catering outlets.

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Filtered Coffee

Cafitesse - Serves your business best

With 250 years of tradition in coffee, Douwe Egberts now provides fantastic innovation with the coffee system, Cafitesse. Specially designed for catering purposes, the Cafitesse is a one-stop solution for the preparation, storage and distribution of coffee, offering:

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Instant drink sticks

Douwe Egberts offers instant coffee drinks in individual servings, all supported by our 250 years of experience.
These blends are ideal for drinks of instant coffee and chocolate, either hot or cold. The intense flavor, rich foam, and easy preparation ensure a professional result every time.

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