Reverse Osmosis Water Filter Dometic

The reverse osmosis water filter Dometic, is an innovative water purification system, with direct flow. It provides us with crystal clear water anytime with the click of a button. It may be used either at home, or in small businesses. It removes salts, heavy metals, chromium, organic impurities, chlorine, fertilizers and any bacteria and pathogens.

DOMETICRo300The filter Dometic meets the requirements of cool crystal clear water, free from any impurity. Directly from the network on tap, at home or in your workplace, without storage in tanks and use of chemicals, because the use of clean water is supposed to be something easy and natural.

There are available and special systems appropriate for:

Microbiological Laboratories - clinical chemistry analyzers - hospitals, clinics - Restaurants - Coffee - aquariums and wherever needed continuous supply of crystal clear, safe and clean water

It includes faucet electronic indication of clean water


Filter's advantages

It does not require a bulky tank with stagnant water.   washing-hair

It provides high speed flow of clean water.
It has a high yield of pure water (~ 60%).

It has indications for safe and quick operation control. 

It provides continuous monitoring of water quality.
It has modern compact design.
It fits easily under the sink.

It has low maintenance cost and a long life

It's probably the most effective method of water purification, even when water carries heavy contaminant load. It is the most natural way of cleaning without using chemicals.

Available models:

Dometic RO300

It is ideal for using at home. By using Multi Line (extra accessory) it can be connected in parallel with the refrigerator and dishwasher. Production:2,5 lit./min

Dometic RO300C

It is ideal for using at home, small businesses, cafes, restaurants, dental practices and, where necessary clean, safe water. Production: 2,5 lit./min

Dometic Confidence RO400C

The series Confidence RO400C covers the needs of those on special applications, such as biochemical analyzers for high consumption, and particularly contaminated water. Production:3,5 lit./min


Osmosis is the phenomenon in which the two solutions, when separated by a semipermeable membrane then water will pass and will move from the more dilute solution (cleaner) to the concentrated solution (burdened) so that the last one to be diluted and eventually become this very clean.

This process is a natural phenomenon and thus the liquid in the cells of our body is being exchanged, and also to animals and plants.

Osmosis is the phenomenon which lifts the water from the roots to the leaves of the trees. The solutions of the cells of the leaves are denser, and as a result the water moves towards them to dilute them (see Figure).

In the reverse osmosis, the water which will be purified is pressed to pass through a membrane which selectively allows only water molecules pass through it. The outgoing water is free from any dirt, slag, salts, organic matter, fertilizers, pesticides, and also any dangerous microorganisms, bacteria and viruses.

These impurities are being flushed down to the drain with a water percentage.

The conventional reverse osmosis devices have very low rates of production of pure water (typically ~ 140 liters per day). Thus a container for the collection of clean water is required.

The yield of pure water in the classical reverse osmosis devices ranges from 15 to 40%.

The only exception to the above disadvantages is the innovative systems DOMETIC-ELECTROLUX which are providing us with 2.5 to 4 liters of pure water per minute of continuous flow. They do not require a container and the yield of pure water ranges from 60 to 80%! For this reason, the filters Dometic have the optimum performance.