CASO WineMaster 66 Touch


Sales price: € 1327,00
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Cellar Wine Storage of high quality, adjustable temperature, up to 66 bottles. It has two different zones with temperature control for white and red wine. It has low vibration, and is giving the wine a calm environment is needed. The temperature is kept constant by zone because of the active fan. It is equipped with excellent thermal insulation for energy - efficient operation, electronic temperature control from 5 to 22 ° C. In addition, the glass is insulator filter UV, to protect against the loss of aroma. It has an ergonomic handle, while it is supported by wooden folding trays and storage shelves. Finally, it has lighting inside after order.

Dimensions :      600 x 1045 x 640 mm
Weight :             45,5 kg
Power :              117 W

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